The Unity Codes

To reunite the soul to its original template of wholeness.

7 Weeks
7 Codes
7 Sessions
1 Code of Completion

Course Focuses:
Week 1 Template Reset
Week 2 Bridge to Union
Week 3 Matrix Reset
Week 4 Heart Unity
Week 5 Creation
Week 6 Crystal Reality
Week 7 Stabilization of Realities

Course Commitments:
– Complete daily practices (most weeks are around 45mins a day)
– Complete weekly 33min practice (silent observation)
– Complete 7 1-hour sessions, 1 each week
– Receive 77 minute Code each week (recommended to receive while watching a movie)
– Post daily in 1-1 Facebook or email container
– Sober from drugs, alcohol, plant medicines, and tobacco throughout the 3 weeks