The Celestial Bridge (In Comic Form)

We have lived in the matrix, separate from our true nature.  Teachers and prophets have come into realization that there is something beyond false veils of reality.  Yet the world is split on which is true, which is right. These are my visions.

The Comics


The Explanation

Celestial –

I see the celestial as the perfection and peace that is strived for, whether in this life or after.  There is no noise in the celestial. You could call this, Truth.

Astral –

I see the astral as the realm that was created in its disconnection from truth. There is a ton of noise in the astral. You could call this, Illusion.

Buddha –

I see Buddha sending himself above the earth. He tasted truth. He saw beyond the images of this world and into a world beyond. His teachings define a world beyond the astral.

Jesus –

I see Jesus as the physical bridge into the celestial. He was here to bring truth – a sort of “download” into this plane. And to provide a template for every human being on this earth to directly connect to it. He transcended the astral game to a point where the laws were overwritten.

Muhammad –

I see Muhammad as a great force in the world, an impactful and necessary one. I see him and his followers as “busters” of the illusion, making new paths for truth to come in.

Psychedelic Drug User –

I see the drug user still in the illusion, yet with simulated glimpses of potential. The drug user believes he is accessing truth. What he is accessing is the astral, mimicking the celestial.

Human Potential –

I see each human connected to its truth and the celestial embraced in itself. The world becomes one with its celestial nature. The astral ceases to exist. Truth is fulfilled.


I see, to arrive into our true potential as human beings, we cannot rely on the teachings of others to define ourselves. We must find the path to truth, ourselves.

So what is the celestial bridge? The bridge is You.

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