I celebrate my amazingly epic forgiveness session with Rachel Violet Scott! Like seriously wtf that was sooo healing. How do i even put it into words.. We explored forgiveness, and in doing so I let go of soo much pain from my past, let go games of living in the past, I understood gods love, my body healed so much and we connected like hugely, my body forgave me for the things I did, I got some amazingly epic tips on how to create boundaries and agreements to make my connection with the world graceful and free. Its like sooo much has happened in the spiritual worlds, and forgiveness and taking action on forgiveness helped to bridge soooooo much of that info, and my very essence back into physicality.

Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough about prayer and opening to gods love, and talking to god… and this session also expanded so much on that, and how important prayer is for me and how important connecting to god is for me.

So much goodnesssss! I want to celebrate rachels amazing awareness, ability to highlight the perfect blindspots, her awesome flow and ability to listen and very loving and playful and grounded space she holds.

Was really healing for me! I started a forgiveness container for myself where I download around forgiveness and create a song as an expression of it, much like an activation.. and soon after I made that commitment to myself, rachel shows up beiing like… hey..if anyone wants to do forgiveness session with me… yo hmu… and was just such an obvious sign from the universe. Very happy for this amazingly awesome gift!”

– Imran Hossain

I celebrate a session with Rachel Violet Scott! This girl is on top of it and is ready to change the world more and more and more! I had just the right amount of stabilizing clarity to help me make great decisions for me to be self loving in my choices around my calendar! The session was acknowledgements for me to follow my intuitive nudges for how I schedule on my calendar, the hours I set, the level of readiness i am in, and the joy of facilitating and scheduling when I am ready! I really love my practice right now and it is time to build around that new level of love!

Thank you Rachel for assisting me to stabilize my world, reality, and practice like a profesh!

– Jennifer Earnest

“Celebrating myself by giving myself a tight hug and complimenting myself “Priyam, you are doing good buddy!” This after a kickass healing session with Rachel Violet Scott My fav part about the session was when she said this:

R: Stress = When I try to control an outcome. So what is the opposite?
P: Ummm… to explore?

Finally understood the meaning of “Explore” and I am not scared of it anymore!  From being just Curious, I wanna be adventurous now and celebrate with myself more often.”

Thankooooo Rach!”

– Priyam Datta

“I am celebrating a card reading with the lovely Rachel Violet Scott.

I want to say thank you for your patience. Rachel is so capable of pulling exactly what my heart wants to express into my awareness.

I had been ignoring myself and wondering where all this anger/sadness/etc had been coming from.

My self-judgement had been hurting me so deeply and had been causing me to shut down and barely even be holding onto life.

This session is a HUGE reminder to allow myself to pause and be vulnerable, to have faith in myself and to claim the perfection that I am.

Healing begins when love is present. So I thank myself for the self-love in choosing this session and for Rachel showing up as the love she is”

– Anthony Hunter