I wanted to say thank you to you Rachel Scott, you facilitated one of the most amazing and magical sessions of my life, I was able to feel your presence from the divine as you touched my body and activated the energies inside. I could feel myself becoming whole with each word you spoke as you led me into guided meditation while opening my body to receive my spirit. It was one of the most profound healing sessions I have ever had the honor to receive and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much!

– Jason Estes

I celebrate a session through Rachel Violet Scott! She supported me with such grace! I truly feel that what she offers both with body work and in skype sessions should be celebrated by large masses of people, because her skills and gift sets she uses are unheard of and unseen in most parts of the world! This girl is a success and is wonderful at what she does and has worked so hard to get here. I totally easily imagine you being gifted with a full schedule of clients effortlessly with your skill level! You are incredible and amazing. Please let the world know what you do.

– Jennifer Earnest

I want to celebrate receiving a really amazing facilitation session with Rachel Violet Scott! Rachel was so helpful in reflecting back at me my own wisdom and strength and helped me see a deep wounding of abandonment that was playing out in different ways in my reality. I have so much faith in myself and my divinity and am really enjoying my expanded universe and these new understandings. Thank you so much Rachel 🙂

– Sam Lepore


I celebrate my amazingly epic forgiveness session with Rachel Violet Scott! Like seriously wtf that was sooo healing. How do i even put it into words.. We explored forgiveness, and in doing so I let go of soo much pain from my past, let go games of living in the past, I understood gods love, my body healed so much and we connected like hugely, my body forgave me for the things I did, I got some amazingly epic tips on how to create boundaries and agreements to make my connection with the world graceful and free. Its like sooo much has happened in the spiritual worlds, and forgiveness and taking action on forgiveness helped to bridge soooooo much of that info, and my very essence back into physicality.

Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough about prayer and opening to gods love, and talking to god… and this session also expanded so much on that, and how important prayer is for me and how important connecting to god is for me.

So much goodnesssss! I want to celebrate rachels amazing awareness, ability to highlight the perfect blindspots, her awesome flow and ability to listen and very loving and playful and grounded space she holds.

Was really healing for me! I started a forgiveness container for myself where I download around forgiveness and create a song as an expression of it, much like an activation.. and soon after I made that commitment to myself, rachel shows up beiing like… hey..if anyone wants to do forgiveness session with me… yo hmu… and was just such an obvious sign from the universe. Very happy for this amazingly awesome gift!

– Imran Hossain

Rachel Violet Scott has a very powerful gift for this world! Her forgiveness session was mind blowing!!! The technology was out of this world and so impactful!!! I was bombarded with realisations after realisations removing a lot of blocks and guilt from my life!!!! Thank you so much Rach!!! Super grateful to you!!!

Whom will you forgive if you don’t play victim and don’t blame anyone for anything?? 😃

– Priyam Datta

I went into my intuitive reading with Rachel thinking it would be fun experience. What happened to me during the reading was nothing short of miraculous. Not sure if it was the peaceful setting of her home, her serene disposition, or the energy we created together, but once the reading began Rachel was able to see directly into the darkest corners of my heart. As the reading unfolded, Rachel carefully reached deep into my soul and found a hidden place that I could never have seen without her gentle guidance. I experienced spontaneous emotional release (i.e. crying…a rarity to me), followed by a deep sense of healing that has continued to resonate with me months later. I felt instantly healed. She is a magical and tender guide who allows you the gift of seeing yourself as you truly are. Afterwards, I wanted to share the experience, so bought three gift certificates for intuitive readings which I gave as Christmas gifts!

– Nancy Graham

I am celebrating a card reading with the lovely Rachel Violet Scott. I want to say thank you for your patience. Rachel is so capable of pulling exactly what my heart wants to express into my awareness. I had been ignoring myself and wondering where all this anger/sadness/etc had been coming from. My self-judgement had been hurting me so deeply and had been causing me to shut down and barely even be holding onto life. This session is a HUGE reminder to allow myself to pause and be vulnerable, to have faith in myself and to claim the perfection that I am. Healing begins when love is present. So I thank myself for the self-love in choosing this session and for Rachel showing up as the love she is.

– Anthony Hunter

I was blessed to be given a free intuitive reading/healing session from Rachel in exchange for paying the good deed forward. I have to say, as someone who is a professional psychic and healer myself, this was one of the best sessions I have ever experienced. Something happened in that reading took worries right out of my immediate life. That session totally flipped my world for the better. I’m not just saying I felt good during or shortly after; I am saying that actual, measurable, and practical changes happened in my life for the better. I cannot even put into words how amazed I am. This truly was a blessing that I got to share by paying it forward.

The universe just dropped into my lap the three pay it forward opportunities. I just was presented with opportunities to pay it forward and I really made differences in people’s life. It was almost like it was choreographed. I helped others in ways I never expected. It was an honor to be a part of her selfless heart-centered activity. She was a pebble tossed into a pond, and the ripples are still going strong, blessing everything they touch. Thanks Rachel!

– Alex Kelly

Heart Pathic Healing

My heart was in so much pain. Some earthy guttural toning and some dry wretching seem to be shifting out some of the density from my heart. Old wounds, deep stuff. Stuff that has no words only pain. Sometimes acknowledging and recognising that you have been a “victim” is the most powerful, empowering thing you can do. Well it’s a step in the right direction. Acknowledging it first. Don’t just dismiss it or it will come back to haunt you, bigger and “better” each time it does. Sometimes just EXPRESSING YOUR PAIN and BEING HEARD is the most healing thing you can do. Sometimes it’s just about someone being with you in your time of need, in your vulnerability. And for them to understand that it is real for you. Without question. It’s real for you.

Thank you Rachel <3

I hope to get lots more of these!!

– Katrina Holdsworth

Sexual Healing: A Course Primer

This course helped me reclaim a huge amount of personal power and clear a boatload of density and misunderstanding surrounding sexuality. The strength I gained through completing this course is unquantifiable.

Sexual Healing: Unhooking Sexual Attraction Games

This course was intense purification, and brought deep healing to my psyche. Prior to this course I was creating a reality tinted with pain, and during this course I was able to integrate the parts of me that were in pain and fill those echelons, opening the door to create a joy and bliss filled world.

Thank you Rachel Violet Scott for facilitating such a powerfully healing and transformative space.

– Kelcey Fredette

Sexual Healing: Unlocking Shame

Rachel Violet Scott’s Unlocking Shame course supported me to connect to a much deeper part of myself that was previously kept quite hidden. I began to notice all these subtle ways I ran embarassment, wanting parts of myself to not exist, wanting others parts to not exist. Fear around asking for what I wanted, and even shame to share with another how they are out of alignment, and instead thinking I did something wrong. By the end of it, I felt way more capable to share what feels the most true for me, and fear of the others response dramatically decreased. I also have all these nifty tools and reminders of tools that are super supportive.

I also became more connected to myself in a deep way. I taught myself some new ways of connecting to source with my body, and clear through body movements. When I’m in that space of creativity, so much feels better for me. More purpose and passion enters my life. The sessions with Rachel were powerful, and I felt really raw and alive and ready to do the work with her. Thank you Rachel! ♥

– Chelsea Linda Richardson

Acceptance Course (round 5)

This course was really a lifesaver for me. I had a very challenging month and being commited to this container assisted me a lot to remain neutral and open to what i was going through =).

I think the main thing i learned in this container is how impatience and control are energies that have been running me a lot and created stress in my reality. Facing this encouraged me to come into acceptance of living inside of space and time and in my body and that its life here to do things and creating and evolving also inside of space and time. During this course I also began to experience huge shifts in myself, like really a return to the core of my being and surrendering to my essence and my sensitivity and uniqueness. It made me feel very vulnerable but I kept going and found that accepting being vulnerable brings so much clarity and power. I also feel like through surrender and this transfromation I went through I really tapped more clearly into where I was at in my life as me. Not a future version of myself not compared to others and it was kinda funny to see how vulnerable I felt while realizing the truth of where I was at but at the same time it felt so good to accept it =). I also celebrate that during this time I did session work which really helped me, I feel so much love in myself in sesssion containers and I’m glad i offered that support to myself!

Thank you Rachel Violet Scott to have supported me through this challenging time ❤

– Jonathan Mailhiot

Acceptance Course:

This course was a breath of fresh air for me. Prior to this course I wasn’t moving much at all — I just kinda sat around the house.

The required physical exercise in this course helped me to strengthen the relationship with my body, to revere and respect it and treat it with love. This has really helped me with stabilizing through emotions and allowing more efficient processing of light.

This course has also helped me to find a deeper love for myself. I will admit, in the past I was highly self-critical and would constantly berate and belittle myself for almost everything. Performing the work in this course has allowed me to open up to a more loving, kind approach to how I treat myself.

I am beginning to remember that I am worth it, and that I am on track to remembering how to unlock my God potential.

Thank you, Rachel! You are a blessing as always

– Anthony Hunter

I’m celebrating my acceptance course with Rachel Violet Scott! It was very beautifully direct and opening for me in the way that I faced so many things I was pretending weren’t there! I confronted so much in such a gentle and smart way with Rachel’s help and her assistance provided such a comfortable vehicle for healing and improving my state of being! I’m so happy this was available to me and recommend it to anyone wanting to face themselves and dearest Rachel is a brilliant and loving facilitator! Thanks boo!

– Annie Earnest

“The Unity Codes” Testimonial:

This course called for me to get really vulnerable. Many old wounds were brought to the surface where I couldn’t hide from them. These wounds and pains would not be allowed to be “bottled up” again, so it was either be real, open, and honest with myself or feel like exploding.

During sessions, Rachel lovingly guided me inward to discover that I really am capable of so much more than I had given myself credit for. Some sessions were particularly tough because layers of myself were being peeled back as I was being asked to discover my authenticity.

The course work for TUC is very diverse and kept my interest. They felt perfectly crafted for me specifically each week. I would have been willing to bet money Rachel made those exercises specifically for me at the beginning of each week haha.

This course has shown me that achieving Unity requires me to be humble, vulnerable, brotherly, and willing to act in love.

Thank you, Rachel. I am truly grateful for this container and all the wisdom I have remembered while working alongside you.

– Anthony Hunter

Testimonial Adam Codes Course via Rachel Violet Scott

I felt so held in the Adam Codes, like the energies were so me, like feeling at home. I feel the Adam Codes are now a part of my consciousness and that my life is forever changed because of receiving and integrating them. And still the integration continues, I feel.

This course really assisted me at a time in my life when I was moving out of a co-dependent relationship/ pattern/ timeline and into deeper sovereignty within myself and my life. There was a lot of processing going on. So much emotion and grief and confusion. And belief systems that weren’t working for me anymore.

Rachel held such a beautiful space of unconditional love and acceptance. She provided perspective and reminded me, when things felt too real, that it was just new coding that I was bringing in.
As I re-read my posts from those 9 weeks some feel really foreign, like who was that person? I can’t believe I felt that way? And other I can still feel a charge present so I would like to go back and de-charge those before I close the container.

Thank you Rachel for a beautiful course that assisted me to heal my divine masculine self. Exactly what was required at the exact perfect time. <3 <3 <3

– Katrina Holdsworth

Adam Codes Testimonial:

This course is the first course I had taken after a little more than a year. Readjusting to the schedule of completing daily exercises was a bit of a challenge at first, as I felt a lot of resistance to it. However, I felt a lot of willpower to complete each exercise and used the Great Pause to assist me.

The Adam Codes helped me reconnect to my Inner Child and hear what was wanting to be expressed for many years. I felt so much healing of old programs and energies that no longer served my highest.
Rachel is an absolute blessing and assisted me greatly in sessions and in response to my daily posts. Her wisdom and insight are marvelous and really helped me in opening my heart again to myself and to others.

I also want to celebrate that this is the first course I have ever taken where I completed each exercise fully. Up to date, I have been completing each course fully — it was just such an accomplishment for me.

Thank you so much Rachel, you beautiful being.

– Anthony Hunter

The Adam Codes Testimonial 🙂

This course was EXPANSION TIME! I cannot count how many parts of me I made peace with and integrated on a deeper level trough this container. Wow! I began TAC with the desire of connecting with others and still feeling like a victim in alot of situations and now I can barely remember the concept of victim and I feel an incredible feeling of Oneness in my being! So grateful 🙂

What this course highlighted first is that I labeled my sensitivity as being too much and that it could only lead me to be alone in this world. As I work with balancing my sexual energy and accepting my feminine energy I welcomed my sensitivity with open arms and now my beauty and flow reflects in everything I see.

Confidence!!! Welcoming and discovering my masculine energy was like the push for me to set my intention and say ok: I am ready to feeel good and go out in the world as I truly am. How can you be confident in yourself when you dont play yourself? Allowing myself to fully let my light shine in presence of others and here in physicality was a huge upgrade of lifestyle, joy and I remembered so much potentials and parts of me I had forgot.

Well all I can say is that this course was one the most efficient for me so far to express from my true self in physicality. It is a new me.. whole, confident and rising to his truth!!! 🙂
Thanks Racho!! What an amazing gift Rachel Violet Scott .

– Jo Mailhiot