Sexual Healing: A Course Primer

This course looks at the vastness of sexuality in all its forms and starts to uncover the confusions and misunderstandings around sexuality that one is ready to bring into truth and understanding. This course provides a custom experience to the individual, allowing a space for the perfect clarities to arise based on where the being is at on their path.

This is a self-discovery course, meaning there is no set agenda for the teachings, and the bulk of the lessons & learnings come through fulfilling the daily commitment of practices and daily posts. There is 1 session a week (in-person or remote) included for support and perspective during the course.

This course is available to all no matter where you live in the world or what your experience is around sexuality.

Course Cost:

– 3 Weeks
– 3 Sessions
– 3 Activations


– Phone Consultation

Course Structure:

  • Daily practices (13-20 minutes per day)
  • Daily post in 1-1 container
  • 3 1-hour Sessions
  • 3 Sexual Healing Activations, 23 mins each
  • Sober from drugs, alcohol, plant medicines, and tobacco throughout the 3 weeks