One Step at a Time

Recently I have been realizing how “future-focused” parts of me have been for a long time. Seeing the ultimate-potential of who I could become and what I could do in the world. There was this “striving” and almost a desperation of achieving that self that it often took me out of present time and into seeking/trying.

It’s time to rest into what is the now. This does not mean that I am not working hard! It is that I am taking action with what is right here, right now. Not some future outcome that I’m seeking out. And in this, I can be at peace. In this, I realize myself deeper. In this, I am simply myself 🙂

What is the ideal that you are dreaming up and striving for? How can you settle into the reality that you are in and take action with the *very* next thing in front of you? Or show up that much more fully with whatever is currently in your life right now?

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