Neural Pathic Healing

“Neural Pathic Healing is designed to assist the brain in releasing mental image pictures locked into the neural pathways of the brain. These mental image pictures are what dictate what a good or bad choice is based on past experiences. It was written with the idea we have the ability to heal ourselves and the brain holds the key. By speaking to the brain from our divinity, we are able to connect with certain parts that have been hidden and rearrange the pathways to light these traumas up so we may release them.”

Time: 15 minutes
Cost: $30
Availability: Everywhere; transmitted remotely or in-person

  • NPH 30min, requires 3nphs
  • NPH 45min, requires 13 nphs
  • NPH 60min, requires 23 nphs
  • NPH attunement, requires 33+ nphs (to facilitate¬†NPH)

Heart Pathic Healing

“HPH technology was written to assist to release the issues relating to the mental image pictures of the heart, these are the stories of life and past lives that keep us from reaching our¬†infinite potential.”

  • HPH is available for those who have received 11+ NPHs
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Cost: $33
  • HPH attunement, requires 13+ HPHs (to facilitate HPH)