Lingam Love

To bring in the divine understandings of the penis; to dissolve all that does not resonate with these truths. To integrate the lingam love template into self and the new earth.

5 Weeks
5 Classes
3 Activations
1 Code of Completion

Phone Consultation

Course Focuses:
Week 1 The Lingam as Light
Week 2 Divine Purpose of the Lingam
Week 3 Unveiling the Lingam: An Exploration of Healing Wounds & Traumas of the Penis
Week 4 The Penis is Whole: Reconnecting the Lingam Love Template to the Penis
Week 5 The Lingam Love Template: Integrating the Self into the new template

Course Structure:
– Daily practices (most weeks are 20-30mins a day)
– Weekly 33min practice (silent observation)
– 5 1-hour classes
– 3 Lingam Love Activations
– Daily posts in 1-1 container
– Sober from drugs, alcohol, plant medicines, and tobacco throughout the 5 weeks