Sexual Healing: Unhooking Sexual Attraction Games

Sexual Healing: Unhooking Sexual Attraction Games


Cost: $333
Time: 3 Weeks
Activations: Sexual Unhooking 1-3, 33mins each
Sessions: 3 1-hour sessions


Everything is a game in life. Often the games we play are based on societal patterns and beliefs structures, in which we conform in order to be a participating member. Much of our sexuality has been defined by the sources we’ve relied on to tell us about love, romance, and attraction – movies, billboards, books, magazines. Whether we have consciously consumed this information or simply taken it in passing, our relations with love, sex, and romance have been highly influenced by certain perceptions that may be limiting us in what is possible to be in connection with another. Unraveling and uncovering these games we’ve played, the limiting beliefs and structures that we’ve adhered to around attracting a partner/lover/mate, we are able to find new freedom in how to show up with ourselves and others, no longer unconsciously tugging/pulling at our romantic interests for some desired outcome, but existing in the energy of the self, connected with one’s divinity, we find freedom to be who we truly are and start creating relationships from the authentic self.

Course Commitments:

– Complete daily practices (# minutes per day)

– Complete daily post in 1-1 Facebook group container or via email

– Receive 3 1-hour sessions (in-person or Skype) 

– Receive 3 Sexual Unhooking activations (33 minutes each)

– Sober from drugs, alcohol, plant medicines, and tobacco throughout the 3 weeks

To pass the course:  

– 0 missed days of practices