Acceptance Course

Welcome to a course that will change your life 🙂 It will highlight everything in your world (that you’re ready to face) that has kept you from peace and creates a path for true acceptance.

Acceptance Course

Course Description:

“This course is formed to open a greater level of acceptance in your daily life and to remember the divine flow of creation in your beingness. It is 3 weeks long and has 3 activations and can be taken as many times as you feel. Each time this course is repeated it will take you into a deeper level of acceptance with the world inside and around you.”


  • 3 Weeks, ~33 mins of practices each day
  • Daily posts in a private 1-1 facebook container or via email
  • Receive 3 course Activations, 11 mins each
  • Receive Crimson 1-3 activations

Cost: 42


  • Phone Consultation

Requirements to pass the course:

  • Receive and balance Crimson 1, Crimson 2, Crimson 3 activations (Read about Crimson)
  • 0 missed days of exercises