Body Sessions

Reset Massage

Light to deep pressure of the muscles and tissues, gentle energy work, and a present touch in order to increase circulation, soothe the nervous system, and to give the body an opportunity to reset into present time.

$111 per Hour

Energy Opening Massage

Works on deeper levels of body and psyche to give your being an opportunity to make mega shifts. The intention for this session is to open the energy system of the body and to move out any stagnant or stuck “dense” energy to make room for higher frequencies and to encourage positive momentum in your life.

$123 per Hour

Circuit Work Session

A high-frequency energy & body session with intention to open and reconnect the circuits in and around the body. The circuits consist of 64 channels that are in constant flux in which create your reality and the world in and around you. When you clear your circuits, you clear your world. When you reconnect dormant circuits, you reactivate more of who you are.

$155 per Hour

Energy Opening Foot Massage

An energy opening massage focused on the feet which creates positive impact to your whole nervous, circulatory, and energetic systems.

$55 per 30mins