Ask a Magic 8-Ball

Today I asked a Magic 8-Ball “Was it the right choice for me to come to this restaurant?” It tells me, “Ask Again Later”. I tried 3x. Same answer.

I then ask the Magic 8-Ball, “Am I Awesome?”. It tells me, “Signs Point to Yes.”

Obviously the Magic 8-Ball (aka the universe) thought I was silly to ask about “rightness”. I’m starting to remember that, any choice I make is not “wrong” or “right”. It simply means a choice to learn from. One in which could be better or worse than the “other” choice I had. But the magic is, that I made a choice and that I learned from it. It’s not to beat myself up about it.

Also, I feel ANY choice can be magical and wonderful if you allow it to be so! It’s where your attitude and perspective are.

I am starting to feel that the concept of SIN is an illusion and that we created it through our very own judgment.

Yes there are more efficient ways of going about things, but it all gets us to the same place – back into the self to learn and grow.

So make choices, learn, and remember, You are Awesome!

One Step at a Time

Recently I have been realizing how “future-focused” parts of me have been for a long time. Seeing the ultimate-potential of who I could become and what I could do in the world. There was this “striving” and almost a desperation of achieving that self that it often took me out of present time and into seeking/trying.

It’s time to rest into what is the now. This does not mean that I am not working hard! It is that I am taking action with what is right here, right now. Not some future outcome that I’m seeking out. And in this, I can be at peace. In this, I realize myself deeper. In this, I am simply myself 🙂

What is the ideal that you are dreaming up and striving for? How can you settle into the reality that you are in and take action with the *very* next thing in front of you? Or show up that much more fully with whatever is currently in your life right now?

Suffering in Silence

Suffering in silence. What’s this mean? It’s when you choose to silence yourself when expression could otherwise bring about a better reality.

This has been a theme for me over the past several years as I’ve been growing and expanding in immense ways.  The patterns of limiting my expression and settling for less.

Last year I lived in a home in which I had several problems – roaches, sewer smell, old-house fixes, etc.  And although I had created lists and submitted fixes to my landlord, many of them continued to be unfixed and instead of speaking up about it, I settled.  I literally settled with a sewer smell in my bathroom for months.  I settled for roaches creeping up my sewer pipes, for months.  And I suffered, immensely.

The interesting thing about suffering in silence is that the unworthy parts of ourselves will make all sorts of excuses:

“I’m wanting too much”
“I’m over-reacting”
“I can put up with it”
“I don’t want to be a bother”
“It’s not THAT big of a deal”

But yet, it IS a big deal. Because that little thing that you are being silent around instead of speaking up about, is impacting your every single moment of reality. The smallest things that we settle for make huge impacts in our consciousness and in our lives.  As it’s us telling the universe, “I am not worthy of this, therefore I am not worthy of that.” It keeps us in this suffering cycle until we break out of it.

After lots of acceptance work, I finally said enough was enough and I stood up for myself by verbalizing the importance of these fixes to my landlord. I expressed how it was impacting me and that it was not okay with me that these were not being addressed.  Unfortunately, even this expression was not enough and I had to write a legal letter that I would move out if said fixes were not made.

This was my choice out of suffering and into action. Knowing that I can create a better reality for myself, by standing up for myself.

And then, change happened. The roaches went away. The sewer smell went away.  In the end, I don’t blame my landlord. These issues were the physical manifestations highlighting the lack of worth I had for myself at that time.  It was my responsibility to create this change for myself. And because I was silent, no change could be made. Until it could.

So now I’m celebrating my new place of residence and how I’ve been proactive with the changes I wanted made.  Even things as simple as doors not closing 100% correctly, and the water heater temperature not being high enough.  Because these “little” things are important. I am worth it.

I celebrate the shifts I am making out of suffering in silence and into a space of worthyness of being comfortable and in harmony with my physical reality.  As truly, how I feel about myself is reflected outwardly in perfect manifestation. I choose to love myself <3

The Celestial Bridge (In Comic Form)

We have lived in the matrix, separate from our true nature.  Teachers and prophets have come into realization that there is something beyond false veils of reality.  Yet the world is split on which is true, which is right. These are my visions.

The Comics


The Explanation

Celestial –

I see the celestial as the perfection and peace that is strived for, whether in this life or after.  There is no noise in the celestial. You could call this, Truth.

Astral –

I see the astral as the realm that was created in its disconnection from truth. There is a ton of noise in the astral. You could call this, Illusion.

Buddha –

I see Buddha sending himself above the earth. He tasted truth. He saw beyond the images of this world and into a world beyond. His teachings define a world beyond the astral.

Jesus –

I see Jesus as the physical bridge into the celestial. He was here to bring truth – a sort of “download” into this plane. And to provide a template for every human being on this earth to directly connect to it. He transcended the astral game to a point where the laws were overwritten.

Muhammad –

I see Muhammad as a great force in the world, an impactful and necessary one. I see him and his followers as “busters” of the illusion, making new paths for truth to come in.

Psychedelic Drug User –

I see the drug user still in the illusion, yet with simulated glimpses of potential. The drug user believes he is accessing truth. What he is accessing is the astral, mimicking the celestial.

Human Potential –

I see each human connected to its truth and the celestial embraced in itself. The world becomes one with its celestial nature. The astral ceases to exist. Truth is fulfilled.


I see, to arrive into our true potential as human beings, we cannot rely on the teachings of others to define ourselves. We must find the path to truth, ourselves.

So what is the celestial bridge? The bridge is You.

Every Moment

Every moment is both ephemeral and eternal

The End

There is no end

Moving Forward

 I can move forward from here making the best choices for me.

Divinely Human

Being divinely human does not mean you are out of this world of suffering or that you do not have challenges. Being divinely human elicits the responsibility to align every challenge with love once again.