Ask a Magic 8-Ball

Today I asked a Magic 8-Ball “Was it the right choice for me to come to this restaurant?” It tells me, “Ask Again Later”. I tried 3x. Same answer.

I then ask the Magic 8-Ball, “Am I Awesome?”. It tells me, “Signs Point to Yes.”

Obviously the Magic 8-Ball (aka the universe) thought I was silly to ask about “rightness”. I’m starting to remember that, any choice I make is not “wrong” or “right”. It simply means a choice to learn from. One in which could be better or worse than the “other” choice I had. But the magic is, that I made a choice and that I learned from it. It’s not to beat myself up about it.

Also, I feel ANY choice can be magical and wonderful if you allow it to be so! It’s where your attitude and perspective are.

I am starting to feel that the concept of SIN is an illusion and that we created it through our very own judgment.

Yes there are more efficient ways of going about things, but it all gets us to the same place – back into the self to learn and grow.

So make choices, learn, and remember, You are Awesome!

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