About Rachel

Hello! I’m Rachel. Wow to this journey of life. So many ups and downs, so many lessons and expansions. I am happy to have survived it all 🙂

These “About” pages aren’t the easiest for me to write! I suppose I am still learning to know myself (is that not an infinite journey?).  But I’ll write what comes to my mind or rather, to my heart.

I love life. I really do. I am learning to love myself in life. In all that I do. I have done so much work on myself, and there is so much more to do! I truly believe we are infinite beings, this earth realm just a small temporary blip in eternity.  I love playing in the perception of the eternal game. This honestly is so fun for me and makes living in this world soooo much easier.  To realize that I am beyond space and time. No, not this ego Rachel that is typing this thang. But the eternal me that is looking through my eyes typing this thang 🙂

And this is my passion. To merge the physical with the divine. The consciousness seeing this right now with the earthly Rachel fingers and body and surrounding environment.  All a creation of a holographic reality that I am projecting through me.

I very much believe that I am in control of what is inside of me and around me. Not control in the egoic sense. But control in the sense of choice, will, focus, direction, and intention. I choose what becomes of me and my life.  I also choose how I am to show up for others in service and in love.

I would say I have a huge amazing open heart. Yet, it hasn’t always felt the safest for me to exist in that amount of openness. I am still learning to do this! More and more I become safe in this world, safe to be me, realizing I’m free, in the eternity that be.

So yes, that’s a little bit about me. Hopefully with this flow of expression you can feel me and see me a little more 🙂