My Mission:

To become the best Me that I possibly can be.

My Service:

To help others to become the best version of themselves.  In doing this, I also serve my mission.

My Alchemy:

I create Technology, Courses, and Sessions as a way to accelerate this process of evolving.

My Focuses:



My Approach:

I LOVE to work in a way in which the moment provides everything it needs.  Meaning, rather than a set plan or agenda, there is a “flow” to what occurs. I also love to have a strong intention or topic that guides. This intention becomes the focus and then divinity fills in the details.

I am trained in a myriad of modalities such as healing work, energy work, body work, life coaching, Tantra, and more. However it is my connection with source that is the greatest healer and has the greatest transformative power.

I love to drop into the heart space and create from this space. Often times I will invite you to intentionally work with your inner heart as a way to bridge matter to spirit.

I work in a spectrum of realities and frequencies. It is not in the physical that we are whole. It is not in the spirit that we are whole. It is the union of matter and spirit where we know our wholeness. This is my passion.