About Rachel


My mission is to awaken myself and the world into the true nature of the I AM. I do this by being myself in every moment, however that shows up, learning and expanding along the way.


What I Value:

Connection to divinity

Expression, honesty, vulnerability

Taking responsibility for one’s self and life

Being the change in the world

Evolving consciousness and increasing awareness

Accessing the wholeness of self, layer by layer

Self-commitment as the power to shift and change


What I See:

I see the beauty and divinity in all of humanity.
I see the change in me impacting the entirety of the matrix reality.
I see a rainbow unicorn-verse with so much joy, so much love, so much truth.
I see my multi-dimensional, infinite self.
I see beings awakening to their infinity and connecting to truth.
I see heaven on earth.

Who Am I?

My personality:
I feel deeply, I see vividly, I love immensely.
Sometimes I cry at the beauty in things. Sometimes I cry at the suffering in things.
I’m a lover of adventure and exploration.
I love games.
I love to create from truth.

My being:
I AM here to light the way, for myself and for all.