Welcome :)

January 10, 2018

Happy New Year! Yes, it is a new year of magnificent things. But…it’s up to you to create the magnificence! The more I live, the more I learn that it is up to me to change…everything.

In order to change the world around you, it is You who must change first.

Agreed with that statement! ^^^ That is a quote that is written on a chart in my Sensei’s home. Truly I must change myself if I wish to change what is around me. New Year’s resolutions start out strong because there is so much emphasis on changing the You. Of course they often faulter because it is extremely challenging to be consistent with changing the You.

So what’s my advice? Make small steps every day to improve who you are. In every choice that you make, be aware of the consequences, and then gradually start making better choices every day to become a better you. Of course, intention and commitments are part of that process. But to realize that you and your world changes every single moment, and that you have a choice to change the world in each miniscule moment, well that is the gift that we have as a divine human on this earth.

I wish you a happy new year and a choice within you to create magnificent things 🙂


November 12, 2017

I am writing this as the first Home page post of my new website 🙂

I am back from a journey to Egypt. Wow, what an adventure. I did not know that much growth or expansion could happen in a month’s time. Well, I suppose I did know. But to live it, that was immense. I traversed through so many layers of myself and came out on the other side with such renewed passion for this path of truth and knowing the love that I am. I feel more than ever a readiness to serve and to bring my gifts forward.

So what’s this website for? I am creating this website to serve as a portal for those that could benefit in connection with me. I choose to share my service, my art, and my writing. To let me express the fullness of me, in all its forms 🙂

So hello! And welcome 🙂

In Love,